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Harihar Fort Treks and Trials you should try at least once

Harihar Fort is located in Nashik, Maharashtra. It is located at 3,676 feet. The top offers a 360-degree view of the Sahyadri Range, Lord Shiva, Hanuman idols, and Nandi. A small pond is also located at the top. This is also Famous for Harihar Fort Trek.

The hill’s shape is rectangular. The Harihar fort’s edges are rectangular and have an angle of nearly 80 degrees. You can see many forts, such as Utwad fort, Brahmagiri, and Anjaneri fort, from the peak. you can view peaks such as Navra Navri peak, Brahmagiri parvat, etc.

The most exciting part of Harihar Fort is climbing the vertical staircase that takes you up to the top. The fort trek can be divided into two sections based on its difficulty. The first is Nirgudpada village from plateau 1, which takes approximately 1 hour.

The second is the plateau to its top, which takes about 1.5 hours. The Harshewadi Village can also be used to reach the plateau. The staircase is the most difficult part of this trek. This trek does not require permission. You can camp on the plateau.

How to reach the Harihar Fort Treks

Nirgudpada can be reached by road. Near Nashik is Harshewadi Village. Trekkers from Nashik prefer Harshewadi Village. Park your vehicle in the village, and you can start your trek to Harihar fort.

First, you will need to get to Trimbakeshwar from Nashik. You can then take a taxi to Nirgudpada.

Kasara railway station, which is located 60 km away, is the nearest. The nearest railway station to Nashik is 56 km away. The nearest airport to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is located 170 km away. 

Accommodation near the Harihar Fort Treks

Homestays are available in the base villages. You can bring your tents to stay in.

The Best Time to visit Harihar Fort and trek

This trek is best done between June and February. It is too hot in summer. The beautiful Sahydris is stunning in monsoon. You will be blown away by the lush green Sahydris. Monsoon brings green grasses to the trekking route. Monsoon will bring you a clear view of the forts and peaks.

Trekking Trail

Part 1

The trek begins at Kadamwadi village. The village is located approximately 300m from Nirgudpada. It takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the 2.5-kilometer trek from Nirgudpada up to the plateau.

The trail is easy to follow if you start in the Trimbak region. You will pass many fields and small streams. This walk should take approximately 20 minutes. The trail will gradually climb after you cross the field. You will need to cross some sections of the forest. During monsoon season, the streams will engulf your eyes.

The plateau can be reached after another 45 minutes of trekking. This is the hardest part of the trek. The 80-degree vertical steps will be found here. Take a look at the beauty!

Part 2

It begins with the Plateau, and ends at Harihar fort top. The total distance is approximately 1 km. The entire process takes approximately 1.5 hours. You can rest on the plateau. Then start your trek again.

Get ready for the most difficult part of the trek. This is the most exciting part of the entire trek. Continue onwards to the rocky steps. Although it looks intimidating, you’ll be able to experience true trekking when you climb. Monsoon season can make the paths rocky and slippery, so be careful where you place your feet.

Maharaja is reached after climbing up. You can see the valley and Harshewadi village to your left. You will then find another set of stairs. To reach the top, you will need to climb approximately 100 stairs. On the way up, you will come across small caves. It takes about an hour to reach the fort. A small pond is located here.

Explore the temples, Balekilla (highest point of the Harihar fort), and the ruins. The climb to the top of the fort or Balekilla takes about 12-15 minutes. The Trimbakeshwar area can be seen from the top. You can see Anjaneri fort and Utwadfort. Phani Dongar hill, Bhaskargad and Brahmagiri are all visible.

You can spend a while here, then descend the same way.

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