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Five of the Best Desert Camps in Jaisalmer


It was a stop along the Silk Road that connected countries such as Turkey and China back in ancient times. It is bustling today with tourists who want to live in the desert, camping, and safaris.

This beautiful sandstone is also known as the Golden City. It lies in the middle of Thar Desert. The Jaisalmer Fort, made from sandstone, is the most prominent attraction. It is open to the scorching sun and creates the illusion of a golden fort. Even in extreme temperatures, it is always crowded. It is a wonderful place to stay with amazing views and cheap accommodation with local food and rajasthani dance. The city’s ancient history is perfectly blended with its current situation.


Jaisalmer has two desert camps, Sam and Khuri. Sam is the most sought-after camp, with camps available for all budgets. Khuri camps are a great choice for those who want a more peaceful experience. It is approximately 30km from Sam camp.


Rajputana Desert Camp –

These camp are very popular in Jaisalmer, with 40 swiss tents, 10 AC cottages, a restaurant camp, and the most exciting musical night at the end of each day. The camp is located approximately 45km from Jaisalmer and is quite isolated from the rest of the city. You can also get reasonable rates for the services they offer, at INR 3000 per person. After your sight-seeing, you can hire a taxi to get to the destination. Camel Safari, Jeep Safari, and viewing the sunset point are some of the activities available. It is truly amazing and it will be hard to stop gazing at it. It’s open from the 1st of August to the 31st of March.


The Serai Camp

The luxurious and unimaginable services this Jaisalmer hotel offers will blow you away. This estate covers 100 acres and is located in a peaceful area to ensure its customers have the best of both worlds. There are 21 luxurious tents, 14 of them tented suites, and 7 luxury suites with jacuzzi sets and private gardens. Serai Camp is the most costly camp, but it offers an unforgettable experience. It is a luxuriously priced camp at INR 22,000 per day and will charm you with its tranquility, services, and prices. Additional services include an outdoor pool, spa, and luxury dining.


Chetram Desert Camp –

Recently opened campsite in the Sam Sand Dunes. There are over 30 campsites, 8 AC cottages, and many more renovations and developments in the works. This is the place for anyone looking for an amazing, affordable experience. The nightly rate is INR 1250 and includes three meals, which include Rajasthani heritage, camel safari, and other cultural programs. You can walk to the desert safari and camel safari, and you can also visit Sunset Point in the evening.


Dangri Desert Safari Camp

It is a camp that has been rated as an excellent value camp. This safari camp has 45 tents that are well maintained and have pleasant interiors. On weekdays and during working months, the price is INR 3250 and INR 4500 respectively. Weekends are INR 4500. The jeep safari can be planned, you can dine at an open restaurant, stargaze at night, and take part in the cultural programs. It is flexible to your requirements. You can request your own dancing spot especially for couples or even go on a night safari that pump in adrenaline.


Mama’s Resort Camp –

This village is located approximately 42kms from Jaisalmer and offers a village experience. There is a private pool, a swimming pool, and evening music. You can choose from both traditional and modern Indian cuisines. The tariffs vary from INR 6500 to INR 10.000 depending on which package you choose. You can visit the Sam Sand Dunes, which are a popular attraction in the area. It is only 30-40 minutes drive away.


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