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Essentials of the 90s’ Birthday Party

Have you ever thought about what it might have been like to throw a birthday bash in the ’90s? It was a hectic day of getting ready for the party, shopping for the perfect dress, cleaning the house, waiting for guests to arrive, etc. All the kids of the ’90s will agree that there was nothing quite like the magic of a birthday bash from that decade. Whereas getting a cake delivery in Pune at midnight is quite usual now, in the ’90s, the greatest cake was the one you picked up at the bakery down the street. Look, I’ll show you what a birthday party was like in the ’90s, and you can start feeling nostalgic right away.

Morning Prayer-

Back in the nineties, celebrating a birthday meant going to a local temple to worship God. This is despite the fact that morning prayer is an essential component of each and every one of our lives. After this act of worship, one may offer the priest at the temple an offering consisting of a thali filled with home-cooked vegetarian fare. This thali should be vegetarian.

Dress up Nicely-

Now, if you were going to school on your birthday, it was vital to dress up in party clothing so that, at the very least for a day, you would be a Miss or Mr. Popular in your class. And it was a BIG DEAL back then for you to celebrate your birthday by donning a piece of casual attire.

Sweets Distribution-

If you want to make the most of your birthday at school, you need to make sure there are chocolate distribution sessions. In the past, this step was considered to be of utmost importance due to the fact that you were permitted to bring (just) one of your friends along with you to help distribute the chocolates. And selecting that one friend out of a large group of potential companions felt like a “live or die” decision. 

Special Lunch Box-

It was not a huge issue to be surrounded by your coworkers around lunchtime so that they might look at what you were eating; this was common practise. After all, everyone at school is curious about the birthday celebration food that you brought to school to celebrate your special day. Back in the nineties, when we had our birthday lunch, everything seems to be extra nice, from the sandwiches to the bread rolls.

A House Full of Aroma-

Remember? When you first moved there, the kitchen would be bustling with activity just as soon as you walked through the door. Oh my…those mouthwatering morsels! After we had finished that delectable meal at home, we would sit down with mommy and talk about who should be invited to the birthday celebration that would take place later that evening.

Decorating the House-

The next step that we used to take once we had completed inviting our friends to the party either by calling them or going to their houses in person was to decorate the house. Back in those days, the most common types of decorations included things like birthday balloons, crepe belts, and Happy Birthday banners. Additionally, adorning the walls of the living room with the assistance of older people was always a lot of fun.

Restless Waiting Time-

After all of the preparations for the party have been finished—for example, the food is nearly ready, the house is tastefully decorated, an order has been placed for the cake, etc.—the next two to three hours used to be the most stressful part of the day. After all, it was our birthday yesterday, and we just can’t contain our excitement.

Party Begins-

The most anticipated part of the birthday party has finally arrived: the people are starting to arrive, there will be dancing and music, a cake-cutting ceremony, refreshments, and gifts lots of gifts. At our birthday parties in the 1990s, our relatives, friends from school, and members of our mohalla would all attend. The party started out with some dancing to the number on our audio cassettes, and then some enjoyable games were played after that.

The Real Celebrations-

If you were a child in the 1990s, you probably remember that the cake-cutting ceremony would never start before our father would return back home with a cake in his hand. This is something that you can all relate to. We would slice the delicious pineapple-flavored cake as soon as he got back, and it was a tradition for us to do so. The guests then proceeded to give the birthday celebrant their gifts and well wishes before cutting the cake, which had a pineapple filling (as that was the only flavour available at the time).

Dinner Time-

Dinner was served promptly after the cake was sliced, and it consisted of (exactly) chole-puri, boondi raita, salad, dum aloo, jeera rice, and rasgullas. Yes, in the 1990s this was the actual birthday party menu, and it was delicious.

Nostalgic! It is, right? Back in the 1990s, birthday celebrations were a full-fledged exercise that lasted all of 24 hours. Unlike now, when you can order a red velvet cake online in Hinjewadi from the comfort of your own home and then call professional party planners to help you with the rest of the details, in the past you would have to visit a local bakery to choose your cake and do the rest of the planning on your own. To sum up this essay, all we’ll say is that celebrating a birthday in the ’90s was a truly fantastic experience.


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