Do’s And Don’ts of Custom Mascara Box Packaging

The mascara is the evergreen cosmetic product that is loved by females all over the world. That’s why it always remains trending and the customers try to get the best mascara with a long lasting effects to look beautiful.

Observing the customers’ nature and consciousness about the cosmetic products, the stylish customized mascara boxes are crucial now. But there are some mistakes that cosmetic brands are doing according to the designing experts.

Let’s see what important things you should do and what mistakes should you avoid while designing the mascara packaging boxes.

What You Should Do?

Get the Appealing packaging boxes

Getting the stylish and the trending mascara boxes is a must. When the market is already crowded with the enticing custom boxes, then it is the duty of your brand to give some unique and exquisite packaging. The benefits of the investment in the custom mascara packaging is highly noticeable through the sales.

So, when designing the custom printed mascara boxes you can go with the minimal design and décor. It’ s good to keep the simplicity but it should look attractive and elegant.

Show Your Artistic Skills  

The decor and the designing of the Custom Mascara Box Packaging shows your creativity. Your potential customers can observe and appreciate your artistic skills.  If you feel like you are not pro at designing and graphics, you should hire a professional graphic designer. Several custom packaging companies offer the designing services as well. They have a team to consult and select the best one for your customized boxes.

So, you should have the mascara boxes with the high end printing and the attractive design that no one can resist appreciating boxes.

Go with Window Cut Display Boxes

The display boxes are the perfect decision for any cosmetic brand. Particularly the window cut mascara display boxes allows the makeup lover to get the glance of the inside mascara they are going to make a purchase.

These boxes have a small window through which products are visible. It let you to showcase your high quality product and the look of your mascara bottle.

Use High Quality Boxes Material

Using the material that fits best for your mascara secure the product efficiently. Your mascara can get leaked during the transfer from the warehouse to the market or directly to the consumer address.

There are a lot of options for the packaging material. But if you want to excel and contribute something positive to the environment, you can get the custom Kraft Mascara Boxes. Being organic and environmental friendly it can help you to make your product look prominent and first choice of the consumers.

What You Shouldn’t Do?

Random flaws in the custom Mascara packaging boxes

Some brands get shifted to the custom boxes after seeing the customers interest develop in the packaging. But most of the are not the packaging expert or they try to customize the Custom Mascara Box Packaging on their own.

Mismatched Color OF The Box And The Logo

It is very important that the logo placed on the custom printed cosmetic boxes must enhance the color of the box. To get the best color scheme, sometimes color wheel is not kept in mind. But selecting the wrong color that does not complement each other can make your packaging look dull.

The best color of the box and the logo on it should synchronizes to appeal the maximum audience.

Wrong Mascara Box Packaging Size

The wrong sized boxes are not capable of sufficient protection. If your product continues moving inside the box, the chances of getting damage increase many times. So, when you are going to order the custom boxes try to get the accurate dimensions.

As the products are of different size your packaging should be too. In case of any delicate product or to give the premium look to your mascara you can add the custom inserts in it. It saves the product and make it unable to move a single centimeter from its place.


Using the right custom printed mascara boxes help the cosmetic brand to get the admiration of your potential customers. The customized cosmetic boxes are the brand’s recognition in the market. Also if you imprint the decent logo on the boxes it remains forever in the customers’ mind. Either they want to make any purchase or not.

So, try to follow the designing tips to come up with the mascara boxes that shine like a gold and glorify the internal product.

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