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Dental Crown (Types and Cost)

In the dental field, dental crowns are generally caps utilized for damaged teeth. These crowns are usually made of metal or porcelain but can also be made using other varieties of materials. You can have these crowns on your molar or front teeth; however, before having one, there are some things that you should consider: cost, strength, and durability.

Many people prioritize their smiling appearance, and they want them to be spot on. That is why they usually consider getting dental aid. Consultation with the dentist might help you to understand what procedure is best and reliable in your situation.

Different types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are not just made using metal or porcelain. In fact, they are made using a number of materials, such as porcelain and metal (as mentioned above), ceramic, zirconia, and composite resin.

You can also get a crown made with different combinations of material, such as a porcelain crown with metal-fused. Although, crowns are not just made for fancy purposes; instead, there are a few things that your potential dentist might consider beforehand:

  • The location of your tooth
  • The certain display of your teeth when you will try to smile
  • Gum tissue positioning
  • The tooth that needs the crown
  • The number of teeth (natural) there are
  • Color of other teeth

According to cedar creek dentistry, you can consult your dentist in case you are to give your opinions on this matter. Although, dentist opinions stand the primary.

Let’s have a look at the types of crown your dentist might prefer:

● Temporary Crown

As the name suggests, a temporary crown remains for a temporary time, which means it will be in your mouth for a limited period. This dental crown type is placed over your mouth and is removable. However, the temporary crowns are already attached until the permanent ones are ready.

Day Crown

One-day or 1-day crown is one of the types of dental crowns that are installed on your first appointment. Your dentist does the required procedures using a computer-aided design that helps in installing the crown on the same day.

● Only Crown

This is one of the types that only features when the dentist sees that your mouth needs a crown to cover a certain portion.

Who is in need of a Crown

There are several reasons why your dentist might suggest you get a dental crown. According to cedar creek dentistry, one of the common reasons people get a crown is because of a cavity. When the cavity in the mouth is left untreated, it becomes too big.

Besides the cavity reason, there are some other reasons, such as a cracked or weakened tooth or because of a tooth that has worn down. Your dentist might also suggest you get a dental crown if you have recently gotten a root canal treatment. This is done to give protection to the tooth.

Missing teeth is also one of the reasons why you might need a dental crown. Your dentist might recommend it as he or she would want a tooth implant.

What is the cost of a Dental Crown procedure?

Dental crowns normally range from $1000 to $1500. The price can be even more but based on the materials that are being used in it. For example, if you are getting a normal one, it might cost what the actual price is. However, if you get one with different combinations, the price can then vary.

Crowns that are made from metal materials come at a low price. On the other hand, if you are fancied of getting a gold crown, then be prepared to pay the price as this would cost way higher than the other crowns.

Your dental crown procedure can also be more costly in case your dentist is required to perform some extra work compared to a normal procedure. For example, performing a root canal- increases the total bill.

In case you have dental insurance, there is good news for you. Most dental insurance covers the dental crown procedure in their coverage. However, there are only certain types of crowns that are eligible to pick in the insurance plans. If you are getting a crown and also have dental insurance, check with your plans so you can cut off the costs and get treatment without paying a single penny.

Also, consult with your dentist to finalize the type of crown you might prefer to get. Take an appointment to see a dentist and get yourself checked with full discussions over getting to know everything that includes in the procedure.

The lasting time of Dental Crowns

There is no fixed time limit that can provide an answer to how much life a crown might live. The life span can vary based on the materials. For example, the metals can stay longer than the other types of crowns.

One of the best ways to ensure your crown lasts longer is by taking good care of it. With proper looking and keeping it in good shape, the crown can last a bit longer than usual.

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