Damage to your phone: home contents insurance reimbursement

Did your phone get water damaged at home, or did you drop it? Fewer and fewer home contents insurance policies reimburse damage to your phone that was caused by your own fault. Some insurers do offer additional coverage, such as out-of-home coverage and mobile electronics coverage.

Additional conditions and deductible

More and more home insurance companies apply a deductible when reporting damage to your smartphone. This means that you have to pay part of the repair costs yourself. In addition, an insurer may only offer full coverage if you have your phone repaired by a contracted repairer. Don’t have a home insurance policy yet, and are you considering taking out one? Check-in advance whether damage to your smartphone will be reimbursed. 

Outdoor coverage and your mobile phone

Your household insurance covers the items in your house and garden. So not for the stuff you take on the street. If you also want to be insured outside your home for damage to your telephone, you can take out cover outside the home. Your belongings are insured worldwide against damage and theft. You do have to pay an extra premium for the outdoor coverage.

Please note: Even with the outdoor coverage, damage to mobile phones is often not or only limited insured. Even if insurers do cover this, there is often a maximum amount that will be reimbursed. These conditions differ per insurer. You can find them in the policy conditions. 

Mobile Electronics Coverage

Damage to smartphones is therefore often not covered by home contents insurance. With some insurers, it is, therefore, possible to take out separate cover for mobile electronics. You can then activate this additional cover or module for an extra premium. The coverage may differ per insurer. Sometimes there is even coverage for inside and outside your home, and the devices within your family are also insured. In some cases, falling and bumping the phone is also covered. So check with your insurers what exactly is covered. We do not yet offer mobile electronics coverage as additional coverage via Independent. 

Phone insurance reimburses more than home contents insurance.

If your home contents insurance (with additional coverage) reimburses telephone damage, this usually only concerns damage caused by your telephone being dropped. Do you want more extensive coverage? For example, with compensation for water damage, short circuit, or material defects? Then opt for AT&T telephone insurance. Then your phone is insured for almost every conceivable damage. Independent does not offer such insurance. You can often take out phone insurance when you buy a new phone. But you can also close it via the internet.

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