Most of your childhood has revolved around playing video games that drown you in an imaginary world.

However, as the industry peaked in 2010, the video game industry was already growing. The growing hype of video games overlooked the need for television and movies. So, in 2010, your afterschool hobby took a spot in a mainstream venue, bringing video games into all aspects of life.

One of the famous comedians, Kumail Nanjiani, mentioned that the only art that will get better with the use of technology would be video games.

However, the claim came true in 2010, when technology aided the growth of the video game industry and gave birth to numerous video games that you might even enjoy playing today.

The decade was all about the freedom of creativity that people brought to video games. And yet, the decade does not only provide everyone with a platform to sprout their ideas. Instead, they also came up with remarkable video games that are the center of modern-day celebrations as well.

Celebrating the National Video Games Day

Every year you offer flowers to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day and offer gratitude to your mother on Mother’s Day. With so many special days that come along every year, you have a plan for each of them. Unfortunately, however, video games also took their place on the calendar.

Video games first appeared in about 1940, but today’s 18 billion dollar business continuously produces fresh kid-friendly favorites. All types of digital games, from classic Mario games to trending VR games, are included under the umbrella term “video game.”

The hype of video games is sparked every year on September 12th. Video game players know the charm of the day. However, the real blast of the day can only be experienced by reliving the old days of 2010 video games, especially when you can get discounted deals for 2010 video games by Gamefly.

 The best 2010 video games to add to the celebration are as follows:

 GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)

Who doesn’t remember playing GTA? Everybody does. The thrill of wandering the streets, riding a bike, killing people, and completing tasks are summed up by GTA. The most profitable video game is Grand Theft Auto V.

The game has made more money than the Gone With the Wind or the Star Wars movie series, with revenues currently at $6 billion and rising.

Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda

Returning to play Breath of the Wild, it is discovered that it is still wholly worthwhile to do so in 2022. It’s still one of the greatest Switch games you can buy now, with magnificent, imaginative scenery and difficult gameplay.

The wild game allows players to put their hearts into the game and bring on thrilling adventures on their own. As a result, the game opens up numerous memories, even today.

 Super Mario Galaxy

The Super Mario series is renowned for developing the video game medium and being approachable to novice players. The game is still ruling the hearts of video game players in 2022.

The storyline and plot twists in the game remind one of the joys of celebrating National Video Games Day. Going for Super Mario Galaxy 2 can never be a wrong choice. Video games hold the way to the heart, from great visuals to characters to cherish.

Arkham City, Batman

Released in 2011, the fun-filled adventure and action took over the video game arena. However, Batman: Arkham City is the full package. Arkham City seems like an experience right from the start. The dramatic, brutally dark opening graphics are matched by a thumping, intense opening title track.

This game’s title screen alone is a superb piece of direction, and as a declaration of intent, it is both touching and frightening. The game is still trending and on the bucket list when planning an ideal video game day celebration.



The best-selling video game of all time, Minecraft, has become a sensation. Unfortunately, it isn’t at the top of the list because it wasn’t put together by a 10-year-old kid.

A tiny independent team’s ambitious release of Minecraft was intended to bring together many unfinished concepts in the video game industry into the classic creative survival sandbox game.

Without the numbers to support it, it is insufficient to talk about what Minecraft has achieved and what it is capable of. According to Mojang, Minecraft is the most popular game in the world, with over 238 million copies sold.

Mass Effect 2

With its numerous characters and concepts, Mass Effect 2’s stunning science-fiction tale about cooperating in the face of impossibility enables you to forge the types of connections that movies and television just cannot match. The game that opens doors to science with creativity is still one of the most played video games.

However, the cosmic politics and extreme science fiction storylines were set aside to allow the developers to craft a more intimate tale and depart from Star Wars. Mass Effect 2 is the best Mass Effect game because of how well these two things work together.

 The Witcher 3

You’ll feel like you’re in the cosmos due to the game’s amazing visuals, sunlight, and elegance. In addition, you feel more immersed in the game because of the prop placement since you can actually see the world, not just a faint reflection.

The highlight of this game is its cast of characters. Characters are often 2D in games and only serve to populate the world and provide objectives. Not here. Each character has a wonderful description. The game entails perfection in all aspects and allows one to enjoy it in all the decades of the video game world.


The Last of Us

The inclusion of mesmerizing visuals, horrifying soundtracks, and smooth Speedplay summarizes the game’s charm, making it the best-selling game of the decade. In addition, it was so masterfully worded that it could make you feel something.

The characters seemed overly genuine. Complex and motivated by survival, capable of experiencing true feelings like love and hatred. Characters are the heart of any video game, and the last of us knows how to strike at the hearts of the players. Every element of it is perfectly designed to summarize the best video game to relish.


Dark Souls

The Dark Souls remind gamers of the next-level designs that invaded the video game arena in the 2010s. The unbelievable plot, weapons, and fascinating things give birth to the greatest games of all time.

Dark Souls is an action game known for its harsh complexity. It’s an amazing experience for any player with the patience to stick with it and push through the hardest parts. It combines deep exploration with brutal fighting, so it’s great for anyone who can do that.


Pokemon Go

Bringing real-life experiences to the screens, Pokemon Go made an entry to remember in 2016. The most significant game in history is Pokémon GO. Its success will undoubtedly impact how future virtual reality experiences are designed for years to come. However, the game’s potential health advantages might have a wider influence on society.

Earning the most after the release of the game, Pokémon Go is still trending when it comes to

enjoying the game. Your 2022 celebration still needs Pokemon Go to make it remarkable.



The in-depth ocean of video games and the constant contribution of technology have aided the field, providing video game players with infinite options. The intensive growth of the industry and welcoming of new games still can’t beat the charm of the games produced in the 2010s decade.

The infusion of technology with the inventiveness of great minds gave birth to phenomenal games with tracks to experience and visuals to remember. All the games mentioned above are the best-selling and most widely played games of the decade, allowing you to celebrate the national video game day with the best games of all time.

The world of games is not just restricted to the word “game” but expanded to all the real-time experiences you can enjoy.

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