Car interior sanitization: how does it work and how much does it cost?

Car sanitization is necessary when you buy a used car or you want to sanitize the inside of your own: here’s how to do it and how much it costs.

Car sanitization is a complex procedure that must be done by specialized professionals. However, this is a very important operation, both if you buy a used machine and if you want to clean and sanitize your own in depth. The price can be high in some cases, but it must be considered that it is not equivalent to a simple cleaning of the interior.

How car sanitation works

The sanitization of the car takes place in different phases and in some cases involves the use of ozone  which, on the car seats and in general in every corner, removes unpleasant odors, kills bacteria, eliminates mites, molds and germs. The washing of the seats and all the interior upholstery of the car takes place following these steps:

  • surface cleaning with cleansing;
  • removing detergent with rinsing;
  • disinfection with specific products;
  • Removal of the disinfectant with a second rinse.

The procedure itself is not difficult, but it is important to clean every corner, even under the upholstery, in order to ensure proper sanitation, also attested by a certificate that reads: “Decontaminated environment with certified and guaranteed technology Legislative Decree 626/94 and 242/96 EEC HACCP directives “. Some structures choose to directly disassemble the interior of the car, so as to be able to reach every corner and thus be able to certify the validity of the cleaning.

Ozone is chosen more and more often to obtain the best results because it allows it to penetrate inside the fabrics and fibers, eliminating any microorganism and bad odors, which would be impossible to eliminate with a classic wash. The sanitization of the car can also be done independently, but the results will be less effective than the operation carried out by a professional. First of all, the companies that practice this type of washing have specific spaces dedicated to drying, which make it possible to make the whole procedure rather fast. If you sanitize the car independently you can buy products dedicated to cleaning the seats, the air conditioner, the plastic parts and all the other fabrics: they also have quite low prices, but they also have limited effectiveness.

Car sanitation: prices

The sanitizing of the car interior has varying prices depending on the manpower.

Some companies tend to be cheaper, while others charge higher prices, but the average is between 100 and 200 euros. What also affects the price is the size of the car and the degree of initial cleanliness, for example, if the interiors are stained, have persistent unpleasant odors, sand, dog or cat hair, the sanitization procedure will be longer and more complex. In any case, the final result will be optimal, with current technologies in fact, even the most persistent animal hair and dirt has a short life. Car sanitization is a process that all motorists should do at least a couple of times in the life cycle of their car, not only to revive the interior and ensure perfect maintenance of the passenger compartment, but also to protect hygiene and breathe healthier air (also thanks to car air fresheners ) when traveling alone or with family.

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