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Can a Relationship Survive Cheating?

Cheating is a common occurrence in relationships, but can it survive? A study by the University of Utah has found that most cheating events occur in those who are already sick of the other person.

The study also found that cheating often occurs in unhealthy or one-sided relationships where the cheating partner does not care about the relationship or their well-being. 

If you’re concerned about your relationship and think you might be at risk of cheating, you should talk to your partner about it.

This article is about whether a relationship can survive cheating.

Cheating: What does it mean?

The use of cheating in a relationship can have many different meanings depending on the individual and their relationship with their partner.

Cheating involves physical or emotional infidelity. It can also refer to more abstract affairs, such as sexual advances or manipulating one’s partner emotionally. The definition of cheating will vary from person to person, but the idea of breaking trust and behaving in an unprofessional manner is always present.

It can be as simple as one partner accidentally stepping out of line while the other is busy doing something else, or it can be more serious, like an affair. It can have serious consequences for both partners and hurt the relationship to the point where it’s difficult to continue.

Why do people cheat?

People cheat on relationships for many reasons. Some people may cheat because they are unhappy in their current relationship or cheat to win someone over.

Others may cheat to make themselves feel better or try to change the person they are dating. Cheating can negatively affect both partners, including lower quality relationships and decreased trust.

Insecure, scared of being alone, bored, or feeling like they’re in a relationship are all common reasons people cheat.

Cheating Types:

There are three main types of cheating: affairs, physical, and emotional.

  • Affairs are when one person commits adultery with another person without the other person knowing. 
  • Physical cheating includes kissing, touching, or having sex without the other person’s consent.
  • An emotional affair includes breaking promises, lying, or manipulating someone else. The most common type is emotional cheating, which occurs when someone cheats because they feel they need to.

Cheating as a Form of Abuse:

Cheating as a form of abuse is an epidemic in many relationships. Often, cheating and honesty are intertwined, making it difficult to distinguish between them.

When one partner cheats, they effectively cheat on their partner throughout the relationship. Both parties can be negatively affected by this. One partner can also use cheating as a tool to control the other.

However, according to experts, a few different types of cheating could be considered abuse. Cheating could include intimacy, sexual affairs outside of a committed relationship, and emotional experiences. 

If any of these behaviors fell within the definition of abuse, they would be considered abusive.

You can survive a cheating relationship by following these tips:

Cheating can be hard, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. If you can stay strong and survive the aftermath of a cheating relationship, your relationship may still be salvageable.

Here are some tips to help make sure your cheating relationship survives:

  • Be honest with each other about why you cheated. In this way, you will be able to work together to overcome the negative consequences.
  • Make sure your boundaries are clear.
  • Do not keep confidential information from your partner. Tell them everything, and lay out your concerns and expectations.
  • Get clarity on what is important to you. When one party is cheating, they may not be able to see or understand what is important to the other. As a result, it may be difficult to work together in the future.
  • Don’t give up on your relationship. Cheating is not always easy, but it can still be worth trying to mend things.
  • Share your thoughts on cheating with your partner.
  • Seek professional help if needed.
  • Additionally, try not to get too wrapped up in the situation.

The cons of infidelity in relationships

Though cheating is often frowned upon in relationships, its consequences can be serious. Affairs can lead to breakups, a child’s loss of custody, and even expulsion from college or work. 

If you are involved in a cheating relationship, it is important to take some steps to make sure your connection remains healthy.

There are many cons to infidelity in relationships, but financial, emotional, and physical consequences are the most common. 

Emotional effects can include feeling guilty or ashamed of what happened and may decrease self-worth. 

Physical results have damaged relationships, increased stress levels, and the need for more secure partners.

Infidelity can lead to feelings of guilt, self-imposed exile, and isolation. It can also disrupt the relationship and lead to a decline in intimacy and communication.

How to protect yourself from cheating in the future

When cheating exists in a relationship, it creates tension and conflict. As a result, the relationship may no longer work well between the two people. 

Affairs can also lead to breakups because one person cannot handle the stress of being in a cheating relationship.

To protect yourself from cheating in the future, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Make sure your communication is clear and honest.
  • If you are not comfortable with someone else’s actions, make sure to communicate this.
  • Understanding what makes cheating possible and how to spot it when it happens is important.


Cheating can lead to a relationship being less successful. However, a relationship can survive an affair if both parties are willing to take some measures to prevent any future occurrence.

Cheating can break a relationship, but it is important to remember that cheating is not always about true love. It can be about taking advantage of someone else for selfish reasons. 

If you feel cheated, talk to your partner about what is happening and try to rebuild the relationship.

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