Brunel University Scholarships for International Students

Studying in the UK is not much affordable for most international applicants, and this is why they should apply to universities that offer scholarships and grants. One such university in the UK is Brunel University which has a wide range of scholarships to offer. This public university is not only a top priority for international applicants due to its undergraduate and postgraduate departments, but financial aid is also one of the reasons.

For almost all the scholarships and financial help available at this university, you will have to apply for admission to the university. You can either apply or be considered for any scholarship if you have received an offer letter successfully. This is why you must seek the necessary help to make sure you get an acceptance letter to be eligible for the available scholarships.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the list of scholarships you can receive at Brunel University.

Top 6 Scholarships for International Students and Brunel University

When applying to Brunel University, UK, do not forget to go through the list of scholarships they offer. The scholarships offered by this university not only vary in the amount but also in the eligibility criteria and the application procedure. Make sure you fit well for the scholarship and meet all the requirements if you want to secure one.

Following are a few scholarships for which international students can apply at Brunel University.

1. Chevening (External Scholarship) 2022/23

One of the prestigious external scholarships students can apply for is the Chevening scholarship. This scholarship is fully-funded and is awarded to students with great academic records and on the application submitted. To secure this scholarship, you must submit a separate application form soon after you receive an offer letter from the university. To apply for this fully-funded scholarship, you must receive an offer letter from any of the UK universities. This is why students prefer the education consultants Pakistan expert services to successfully receive an offer from the desired universities and a scholarship.

2. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Commonwealth shared scholarship is also one of the external scholarships available for students applying to Brunel university and several other UK universities. To receive this scholarship, being an international student is not enough; you must belong to a commonwealth country. The commonwealth scholarship is granted to students coming from developing countries that have financial barriers besides good academic records. This scholarship will cover all the tuition fees, airfare, accommodation, monthly stipend, and health insurance.

3. Early Payment Discount

If you are among one the international students applying for a full-time degree at Brunel University, then there are a few discounts you can enjoy. One of the internal discount offers by the university is the early payment discount. This discount is approximately 2% of your tuition fee, and there is no need to apply for this discount separately. You will be considered for the discount if you succeed in submitting your university fee earlier.

4. International Excellence Scholarship

The international excellence scholarship is a tuition fee waiver for international students applying for a master’s degree at Brunel University. This scholarship does not need a separate application; you will be granted the scholarship based on your application. The worth of this scholarship is approximately £6,000, which will only be applicable for the first year of study. There is no need to submit a separate application form to be considered for the scholarship, but you must fill out the register your interest form besides providing all the application details.

5. Sports Scholarships Programme

The university does consider the needs and financial support for sports enthusiasts, and these scholarships are available to several students from the sports field. The funding provided by Brunel University is approximately £3,000, with other on-campus benefits. The scholarship also includes free access to world-class sports tools and fitness and physio sessions. The most important requirement besides an offer letter is your achievement in the sports field. You must have participated in an international or national level game.

6. Dean’s International Scholarship for Electronic and Electrical Engineering

A maximum of 70 scholarships worth £2,000 are available to international students for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants. This scholarship will be waived from your tuition fee each year, and you do not have to apply for it separately. You will be considered for the scholarship if you meet the eligibility requirements for the subject mentioned below

  • BEng Computer Systems Engineering
  • BEng/MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • MSc Sustainable Electrical Power
  • MSc Wireless and Computer Communications Engineering
  • MSc Electric Vehicle Engineering

7. MSc Data Science & Analytics and MSc Artificial Intelligence Scholarship

Living in a world where the use and development of technology and AI concepts is gradually increasing, the university caters well to the student applying to this field. Students applying to networks, AI, and data science are eligible for the scholarship worth varying according to your application strength. To ensure you receive a better amount as a scholarship, your application strength matters. So, make sure to hire the services of education consultants Pakistan to successfully receive an offer letter besides financial aid effortlessly.

Final thoughts!

If you want to , or any prestigious university in the UK, with good financial help, then you must look into your application process. The success of admission and a scholarship is based on your application. Make sure you hire expert education consultants to help you get through the admission process effortlessly and successfully.

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