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Best Online Lossless Image Compressor Tools

In this article, we’ll show you how to use eight of the best free online image Compressor tools to quickly and easily reduce the file sizes of JPG, PNG, and GIF images, directly in your browser.

We won’t only tell you about the tools; we’ll show you how much space you can save with them by sharing genuine test results for a JPG and PNG picture.

Here we compare six of the most popular online picture optimizers:

You may save space on your computer by using online image optimizers, which also let you convert file types without losing quality. We tested many different online image optimizers to give you an idea of the level of compression that is feasible.

1. JPEG Compress

JPEG Compressquality-preserving image compression online service; supports several file formats; outputs files that look almost identical to the originals.

This free online tool may be used to reduce the file size of high-quality JPEG, JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF, Heic, and WEBP pictures. Downloading and saving the GIFs and compressed picture files only takes a single click. agreeable with

2. TinyPNG


TinyPNG is able to significantly reduce image file sizes through the use of intelligent lossy compression methods. Having fewer colours in an image reduces the number of bytes required to save it.

Tiny PNG is a reliable application that simplifies the process of picture compression in both JPEG and PNG file formats. It also permits the uploading of up to 20 photos in a single batch. The size of each file might go up to 5 megabytes. You will need to become a paying client in order to download bigger files.

3. JPEGmini


The patent application for the picture recompression technology known as JPEGmini has been submitted. It reduces the size of photos without negatively impacting their quality, which in turn helps websites load faster, saves money on bandwidth, and makes more room for other content.

4. Compressnow


This programme supports image formats other than PNG and JPEG, including GIFs and PDFs. You may just click a button to get the optimised versions of the photographs after dragging and dropping your own images into the page.

5. CompressJPEG


You have the option of selecting up to 20 JPG or JPEG images from the device that you are presently utilising. You also have the option of dragging files directly into the drop area. We ask that you please be patient while we complete the compression. If you want further control over the quality of the JPEG compression, please use the thumbnails to enable the manual mode.

6. Compress2go


You may use Compress2go to convert pictures from any format into JPEG if you want to. It supports a wider variety of picture formats than the majority of online image optimizer programmes. Drag and drop your PNG, GIF, SVG, or even PSD files into their website for the application to begin working. Before sending the photographs back to you, the programme will first transform them into a format known as JPEG, and then it will compress them.

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