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Best Flooring Options In Calgary

Whether it’s a residential space or a workspace, flooring makes up a major part of it. Right from deciding the ambiance to making the space comfortable, your floors play a critical role. 

That’s why you need this guide to know which flooring option will work for your space. It will help you sift through the most popular floorings available in Calgary and how to match them to your budget, lifestyle, and the rooms in which they will function the best.

Read on to know more.

Types Of Floorings

There are several different kinds of flooring in Calgary, each with its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Hardwood Flooring

There are reasons why most Calgary homeowners prefer solid hardwood flooring. It is stunning to look at, durable, and with a regular cleaning schedule, these floors can last for decades. These are made of solid wood from trees such as oak, maple, and walnut and need to be glued and nailed to a subfloor made of concrete or plywood. 

Talking of some limitations, since hardwood floors are made of natural wood, they are vulnerable to temperature changes, moisture, and humidity. They can swell, warp, and even crack if not maintained properly. And of course, hardwood floors come at a premium and may not suit every budget.

Laminate Flooring

Another popular type of flooring, this is a sturdier and more economical alternative to hardwood floors. Laminate floors are made of three to four layers that lend them their beautiful wooden floor-like appearance and solidity. They are easy to install and durable, lasting for years. These floors are also UV resistant and don’t fade or warp as quickly as hardwood floors. 

Despite these benefits, laminate flooring is not waterproof. Also, they may look like artificial wood. 

Tile Flooring

Another most-preferred type of flooring, tiles are timeless, beautiful, and perfect for active households with pets and children. They are available in several great material options such as ceramic, porcelain, cement, and stone tiles.

They also work well in homes that have an underfloor heating system and don’t break. Tile floors are very easy to clean and maintain.

However, you should know that some types of tile floors like those made with stone or marble are more prone to staining than others. Plus, you need to re-grout your tile flooring every few years to prevent them from cracking.

Room-Wise Flooring Options

If like most homeowners in Calgary, you are confused about finding the right match between the flooring type and a particular room, worry no more. 

We will help you make this choice easily.


Your kitchen is one of the most-used spaces in your house. It is also where most of the spills happen. So, you need floors that can handle high traffic and are waterproof. The best options for kitchen flooring are ceramic tile and vinyl floors. They are economical, waterproof, and heat-resistant.


Bathrooms have specific and unique flooring needs. While they don’t see as much traffic as your kitchen or living room, they carry the risk of water-related damage. You can use luxury vinyl floors or ceramic tiles in your bathrooms as they are waterproof and resistant to staining and damage.

Living Room

These are spaces that receive most of the foot traffic, especially when you have pets and children. You may also receive and entertain your guests in your living rooms frequently. These are areas where you can splurge and give them a unique personality. If your budget allows, we recommend hardwood floors. You can also opt for luxury vinyl floors for a similar cozy ambiance minus the hefty price tag. 


The most intimate area of a house, bedrooms are all about comfort. Hardwood floors can easily make these rooms appear warm and chic. For accentuating the appearance of your rooms and to add a pop of color, we recommend that you throw an area rug or carpet over the floors. 

While many options of flooring exist, you need to balance them with your needs and budget at hand. Home Flooring, rated as the best flooring store in Calgary, we help you match your requirements with the best flooring options. Our expert and professional staff is always there to assess your home’s unique needs and offer flooring options that will work best for you. 

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