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Become an Akashic Record Teacher by Akashic Records Certification Program

An Akashic Records certification is a possibility to relate with the deepest darkest truths of your soul. What if you, other than yourself, help others to connect with their Akashic Records? 

The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom provides comprehensive Akashic Records course training. The Akashic Records Certification program can be taken in any circumstances. But it’s a call for you if you think you can help others overcome the past pains that haunt them throughout their soul’s journey from one life to another.

What’s calling in Akashic Knowing?

In simple words, calling is an intuitive notification that your mind reveals while accessing the wisdom of Akashic Records. The calling motivates you to educate other people too. Suppose you witness yourself being allured towards the calling to transform into a certified Akashic Records consultant. In that case, this will be a life-changing opportunity to change your life and make a massive difference in other people’s lives. 

What is Akashic Records Certification? 

The Akashic Records Certification is about learning about your life and increasing your vibration through the Akashic Records field. The Akashic Records is a quantum field of all your past lives’ decisions, choices, and experiences. 

Certification Programs by The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom

There are numerous Akashic teachers, practitioners, and consultants offering different levels of courses that help you discover your untapped skills to becoming an Akashic healer.

The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom has formulated two certified programs for Akashic practitioners and Akashic Teachers:

  1. Consultant Training Program
  2. Teacher Training Program

Consultant Training Program

The mentors, trainers, and Beings of Light want your dedication to assisting humanity. They want your positive human skills to integrate with their energies to facilitate the recovery that human beings can create in their lives. Your work, coupled with the understanding and knowledge you work through your challenges, will assist others to heal because you have also walked the walk.

The twelve-month rigorous course as a certified Akashic Records will teach you how to dig deeper into your Akashic Records Reading and further align yourself with your Soul work as a Certified Akashic Consultant. Clearing previous lives and existing traumas that hold us hidden and caught today.

During this twelve-month application, you will study more extraordinary about growing a profitable business and healing our cash wounds so we can assist our consumers in doing the same, as well as get to know to heal your customers through the Quantum Field to assist their transformation.

 Teacher Training Program

Suppose you hear the calling to grow to get an Akashic Records Certifications to teach others how to access their Akashic Records. In that case, the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom allows you to acquire more extraordinary facts and the necessities to become an Akashic Record Certified Teacher through their Akashic Records course.

Build a prosperous business after getting Akashic Records Certifications

Imagine having a profitable business that delivers you the satisfaction of successfully supporting thousands of clients in healing from their past traumas. The Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom can support you create a successful healing business that fetches actual transformational outcomes for you and your clients. The school has helped thousands of people to explore a new income stream by enabling them to become Akashic Records Consultants to conduct successful coaching sessions and therapies.

The Akashic Career Mastery Training

Over the 12 months course, you will learn the following key points through the 4 sections:

Section one: 

Learn to get entry to the Akashic Records for clients

This first part will instruct you how to get right of entry to the Akashic Records of your clients, which will encompass all the factors of working with people, such as how to:

  • Formulate the consent forms.
  • Schedule conferences via placing up appointments thru letters.
  • Furthermore, you will learn:
  • A new vibrational key with divine Akashic power would assist in entering the Akashic Records of others.
  • Tools that would work with the Akashic strength to take away your clients’ ancient patterns, karma, vows, and previous lifestyles traumas.
  • Check out the new Akashic Field data as you reply to clients’ questions.
  • Questions that would assist purchasers in perceiving beneficial information.
  • Guidelines for executing a thriving Akashic Business.

Section 2:

Transform Your Limiting Money Beliefs

In this section, you examine new and historic equipment that assists you in clear blocks to change your non-public limiting money beliefs seriously. You will, in addition, learn:

  • Your limiting beliefs to tune the hidden money.
  • Dealing with genetic and ancestral limitations.
  • Free yourself from preceding existence vows.
  • Clearing enterprise blockages with clearing karmic contracts.
  • Claim your economic freedom by releasing yourself from previous struggles.
  • How to repeat this approach for your clients

Section 3:

Energy anatomy for healing

In this section, you will examine:

  • The strength of our bodies that shape you and its layers.
  • The twelve layers of every chakra for restoration your yourself and your clients.
  • Practice feeling strength thru your hands and fingers to apprehend your recovery ability.
  • The infinity signal balances the client’s strength in quite a several ways.

Section 4:

Certified Akashic guide training

This ultimate area will be the licensed Akashic marketing consultant area that will educate you:

  • Being the coronary heart and soul of a licensed Consultant.
  • Discovering elements that stimulate your heart.
  • Exploring the unknown.
  • Take steps that guide your business.

In a nutshell, every part will have its very own manual, which will have a handy fabric in written shape too. Explore your religious electricity with the aid of creating your Akashic Records abilities to assist yourself and others around you. Akashic Records Certification is a fantastic way to expand your soul’s horizons and research the everlasting truth solely.

Benefits of becoming a Certified Akashic Record Expert

There are numerous benefits of becoming a Certified Akashic Records Expert. For instance:

  • You understand your soul’s primary purpose in this universe through accessing your soul’s contracts.
  • All the mysterious negative behavior patterns become more evident, and you can get answers to them.
  • Focusing on yourself.
  • You not only discover your soul path but also help others find them.

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