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Avoid making these mistakes while designing your kitchen

Despite the fact that it is one of the busiest and arguably most significant rooms of the house, homeowners seldom consider its arrangement while building the house. These kitchen design blunders may depreciate the value of your entire home and require you to spend more money on upgrades.

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Here’s What To Avoid!

Nobody enjoys a kitchen that isn’t well-designed. If you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on repeated repairs and renovations, avoid the following typical kitchen planning blunders while building your home.

  • Obstructing the work triangle in the kitchen
  • Ignoring the importance of ventilation
  • A shoddy lighting scheme
  • There are insufficient electrical outlets.
  • Using up valuable storage space
  • Failing to properly measure the equipment ahead of time
  • Not putting up a backsplash
  • Trends preferred over utility.

Let’s look at how to improve an inconvenient kitchen layout by avoiding these design blunders.


When you’re building your house, make sure your kitchen has a proper ventilation system.
Who wants to wake up to the fragrance of last night’s food lingering in the kitchen? If you’re encountering this problem in your home, you’ve made one of the most common and potentially deadly kitchen design errors.

A healthy movement of air and an appropriate ventilation system are required in kitchens. The lack of open windows, exhaust fans, or range hoods above your cooking space is the most obvious illustration of poor kitchen layout. Remember that a kitchen with inadequate ventilation can quickly fill up with smoke and spread undesirable odours throughout your home.


It’s especially dangerous in the kitchen if you don’t have enough illumination.
As we all know, strategically placed light fixtures and the correct bulbs can suddenly brighten up your entire home. The same is true in your kitchen. Poor lighting, on the other hand, not only makes the area appear small and crowded, but it may also lead to an accident if the person cooking or chopping is unable to see well.

A well-lit kitchen with a functional arrangement and visually beautiful lighting fixtures will help improve the overall appearance of your home.


For convenient access, install a few disguised power outlets throughout the kitchen.
This is one of the most typical kitchen design blunders to avoid while designing your home’s layout.

Make sure your kitchen has enough electrical outlets to accommodate both tiny and large equipment. While most people remember to install separate outlets for their refrigerators, deep freezers, and microwaves, juicers, blenders, toasters, and sandwich makers are frequently overlooked. Of course, you don’t need a separate outlet for each of these items, but make sure there are plenty near the counters where these appliances will be used.

These power outlets may also be hidden for a cleaner, more modern look in the kitchen.


Don’t let your kitchen’s corners go to waste.

When it comes to the kitchen, there is no such thing as too much storage space. In fact, underestimating how much storage you’ll need is one of the most common kitchen design blunders to avoid.

You may also have drawers built into the kitchen island and long, sliding shelves for spices and culinary equipment built into the room’s vacant corners. All you have to do is add some moulding or construct a few cabinets on top of the vacant space above the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator to make it useful for storage.

Another common kitchen design blunder is having too many exposed shelves. Of course, they make the space appear larger and, if correctly adorned, may add value to your décor. They are, however, unsuitable for storage.

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Small appliances may be stored within cupboards, freeing up a lot of counter space in your kitchen.
Is your counter space congested or insufficient to accommodate your appliances and other kitchen utensils? So, when you were building your house, you should have paid more attention to its size dimensions.

What you need to do is choose appliances ahead of time, double-check their measurements, and then fit them into cabinets. This will also allow you to free up some counter space.

Renovating a countertop isn’t going to be inexpensive. However, there are a few strategies you may utilise to increase your kitchen counter space, such as using vertical storage and ceiling-mounted racks.


A backsplash not only makes cleaning easier, but it also provides a burst of colour to your kitchen.
Heat, steam, water, and grease can wreak havoc on any paint or wallpaper, which is why a tile or plastic backsplash below your sink and above your stove top is a must. It will not only make the cleaning procedure much simpler, but it will also give colour and texture to your kitchen. It will also safeguard your walls from any long-term harm.


Some home décor fads aren’t as practical as others.
When it comes to kitchen design, it goes without saying that utility must take precedence over trends. Unfortunately, this is one of the most prevalent errors made by most homeowners when planning a kitchen.

While it’s fair that you want your new home to seem trendy and up-to-date in terms of all the newest trends, you must also ensure that your kitchen is functional and does not obstruct your mobility. If you’ve incorporated an island in your design, double-check its location and measurements to guarantee you won’t have any issues moving around the kitchen in the future.

Although utility is certainly the most important factor, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Here are some inexpensive kitchen decorating ideas that you might find useful.

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