Automatic and Rechargeable Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


If you are looking for an automatic digital blood pressure monitor for home use, several options are available. The Medix RBP-6700, YE 670AR, Raycom RBP-6700, Omron 3 Series, and AccuSure AS. Each of these models has different features, and this article will help you choose the right one for you. However, there are some factors that you should keep in mind before buying one. To help you decide on the best blood pressure monitor, here is a list of features you should consider.


Medix RBP-6700


The Raycome RBP-6700 is an automatic digital blood pressure monitor that measures the pressure in the upper arm. It is meant for self-measurement and home use. There is no information available on its peer-reviewed clinical validation. It has the highest price and is not very portable. One downside of the Medix RBP-6700 is that it doesn’t have memory storage for more than eight readings.


The Omron Platinum is a good choice if you need a blood pressure monitor that will allow you to store up to 200 readings and will be accurate. This model’s TruRead technology can perform three readings in one session, so it isn’t as quick as a regular test but offers more accurate results. Lastly, it has a carrying case to store its accessories.


Yuwell YE 670AR 


Medical Supplies PK brings you the best price for Yuwell Rechargeable Digital blood pressure monitor Apparatus in Pakistan YE 670AR with the fastest delivery all over Pakistan.

Features of the Digital BP Machine are as follows:


  • Battery Operated Digital BP
  • Voice Broadcast
  • Large Backlight LCD Display
  • Cuff Wrapping Detection
  • IHB (Irregular Heart Beat) Indicator
  • Body Movement Error
  • 74 Group of Memory
  • Upper Cuff Type
  • Cuff Size: 45cm Extra Large Cuff
  • CE MDD Certified


Accenture AS


The AccuSure AS series Digital Blood pressure monitor price in Pakistan offers a range of convenient features for monitoring your blood pressure. The device uses a one-touch operation and features an extra-wide LCD. It also features a high-precision strain gauge sensor system for accurate readings. The unit is easy to use and can be used as directed by your physician. It is an excellent option for those who need to monitor their blood pressure regularly but may find it challenging to set it up independently.


The device features a dual-power source, a latex-free universal cuff, and a high-low classification indicator to help you assess your blood pressure according to the WHO standard table. The accuser AS also features dual user memory to store up to 100 recordings and visual error alerts. It also features a display with your last three readings. The device measures your blood pressure quickly and accurately.


Raycome RBP-6700


The Raycome RBP-6700 automatic digital body blood pressure monitor is a portable, non-clinically validated device that measures blood pressure from the upper arm. This device is intended for home or self-measurement. However, its clinical validation is a mystery, with no peer-reviewed information available. For these reasons, we cannot recommend this device. Read on to learn more about this device.


Pulsewave technology is an essential feature of this model. This device combines the intrinsic connection between nearby blood pressure points with a mathematical formula to determine absolute blood pressure. The Pulsewave Blood Pressure Monitor has applied for a national and international patent, and the innovative roller bracket design means that it can use more than 1600 times. It also eliminates human error from the equation, allowing users to use it more than once without needing a recharge.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron 3 Series


Omron 3 Series wrist home blood pressure monitor is an excellent option for people who like convenience and portability. This lightweight, portable device is easy to use. It has a simple interface and stores 60 blood pressure readings and irregular heartbeats. Moreover, this device is waterproof, making it ideal for swimming pools and showers. If you’re looking for a reliable blood pressure monitor, then the Omron 3 Series wrist home blood pressure monitor is perfect.

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Omron 3 Series automatic digital blood pressure monitoring system is equipped with an LCD with no backlight. The display shows the pressure in systolic, which is the pressure created by the heart during contraction, and diastolic pressure in between beats. These numbers change over time, primarily when the person works out. The Omron blood pressure monitor can detect these changes and automatically adjusts to reflect them on its screen.

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