Are Termites That Dangerous?

Do Home Inspection Companies in Atlanta perform termite inspections? 

Yes. In Atlanta, most home inspection companies offer termite inspections, such as Champia. Such companies have experienced and well-trained home inspectors who can identify harmful insects and organisms like carpenter ants, termites, fungi, and borer bees.

Causes of Termites

Termite infestations can spring up due to multiple reasons around your home. Some of them are;

  1. Moisture

The most common reason for a termite infestation is ‘Moisture’. Termite infestations occur in places where there is moisture and mildew. Hence, laundry rooms, damp basements, and bathrooms are more prone to termite infestations. In addition, issues like broken pipes, leakage, clogged gutters, and improper drainage system can create an ideal termite environment.

  1. Wood

Where there is wood, there are termites. Termites eat wood, and it is their primary source of survival. Therefore, it is wise to have your house inspected at least once a year; if the inspector informs you of signs of termite, you can address the issue in its earlier stages and prevent costly damage.

  1. Foliage

Uncovered timber, foliage, or plants around your house can trigger pest infestation. These contain cellulose, which attracts termites and invites them to your house. Hence, you should keep greenery and wood at least 28 inches away from your home. This way, you will make it difficult for termites and other pests to reach your home’s foundation from where they make their way up.

  1. Air

Stagnant damp air can turn your house into a perfect breeding ground for pests. Keeping the air dry and circulating inside the house can prevent pest infestations. Electric fans are the best solution to such problems. They keep the air dry, and ventilated and help you get rid of moisture. You can ensure proper ventilation to avoid water in areas such as bathrooms, attic, and swimming pools.

Yes. If the damage isn’t severe and the termite infestation is only at its first.

Termites are dangerous, but they are not untreatable. Moreover, there are multiple ways to save your house from them. If you live in Atlanta, and suspect termites in your house, professional Termite Inspection Atlanta services are offered by reputable companies such as Champia. Their home inspection services serve most of the areas in Atlanta. They also provide advanced services like radon inspection along with their standard inspections. Reach out to one of their friendly representatives and get your worries addressed immediately.

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