Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions about Education Franchises

Smart business people often have several questions and concerns that need to be addressed before investing in a business idea. The same applies to education franchises in India. The average person seeking to invest in an education franchise has more than a few questions about education franchising. 

Questions on the viability of education franchises, the profitability of the same, and associated costs, abound. Read further for the answers to these common questions in this comprehensive guide to education franchises and their viability. 

Looking at data from the top 10 preschool franchises in India, and general statistics of India’s education sectors, this guide aims to answer questions related to the viability, profitability, and costs associated with running a franchise school in the country. Read further to know more. 

Are franchise opportunities in the education sector a good business investment? 

The success of a business, and the returns on your investment, vary over time in keeping with various factors. But, there are several positive market indicators to suggest that the education sector is on an upwards trajectory. 

With 26.31% of India’s population being 14 years old and younger, India has an extensive market for the education sector to serve. India’s 250 million school-going students outnumber school students anywhere else worldwide. 

Most business people considering starting a business offering a product or a service; often ask themselves, ‘is there a market for my product or my service’? The education sector serves an extensive market of more than 26.31% of the nation’s population. 

Does the playschool franchise business model guarantee profitability? 

Education franchises have proven to be a profitable business model with both franchisers and franchisees benefiting from entering into contracts to jointly deliver education services across the country. 

Let’s take for example the top 10 playschool franchises in India, which while delivering world-class early childhood education services, are registering profits and bringing in revenues. 

When is a good time to start a franchise school? 

Smart businesspersons try to ensure that market conditions are favorable and will remain favorable for the foreseeable future before entering into new business operations. Market indicators suggest that now is just the right time to invest in franchise opportunities in the education sector

According to reports from the Global Industry Analysts; India’s education sector is set to value at $227.2 billion in 2022. With the industry on a growth trajectory that is expected to sustain itself; there is an active interest in franchise opportunities in the education sector

While these are the most common and pertinent questions related to education franchising in India, various other questions may abound. Read further to know more. 


Q: What are the costs associated with investing in education franchises in India? 

A: With fees being mandatory and royalties often being optional, depending on the franchiser, the costs for investing in education franchises in India are variable. 

Q: Where are India’s best franchise schools? 

A: India’s best franchise schools are generally located in and around urban hubs, serving the rising population of students in cities of India. 

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