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all about Kumara Parvatha Trek


The Kumara Parvatha within the Western Ghats is the second highest peak in Coorg, Karnataka. A well-liked trek among beginners and pros, the journey path can take you through dense forests, giant volcanic rocks, and wild flora and fauna. Some stretches of the path are quite strenuous even for the knowledgeable traveler, however, the attendant views create it worthy. This trek is wildly fashionable among folks of an urban center and close South Indian states. The trek is additionally called Pushpagiri Trek.


If you’re coming back from Coorg, the most effective choice is going to require a  cab to Kukke Subramanya or Pushpagiri life Sanctuary. Whereas coming back from the urban centre, take a cab or a bus. It takes around two to three hours from Coorg to achieve the trek start line at Kukke Temple associate degreed takes a nightlong journey to achieve from the urban center. Mangalore airfield is around a hundred and fifty kilometers from trek purpose. Mysore and Hassan railway stations are the highest to Kumara Parvatha. Strive Hubli or Karwar specific or Bangalore-Mysore specific.

A landscape stuffed with lush inexperienced, pristine streams, igneous rock formations, Kumara Parvata could be a place within the bucket list of each traveler and individual. it’s the second-highest peak once Tadiandamol within the Coorg region. Trekking in summers will typically get too exhausting and sweating, however, the tall trees of the dense forests of the Western ghats offer a natural umbrella shielding you from the cruel rays of the sun, holding you get pleasure from and knowledge the simplest of nature. we are going to be ascending through the Somwarpet aspect and raining within the same method.

Best time to visit:

October to Jan and June to Sep are smart months to trek to Kumara Parvatha. Summers are scorching harsh within the south, therefore not possible to trek. Winters are quite pleasant within the space with thick mist and dreamy fog close to the forest and path and also Kumara Parvatha makes for a decent monsoon trek.

Trek itinerary :

Trek begins from a bit distance once Kukke Subramanya Temple, marked by a construction. The path is visible and for the primary few kilometers, there’ll be a moderately troublesome climb through dense forests which can result in grasslands. At Bhatt’s House, you’ll be able to take a brief break and so proceed additional. Take permission from Forest House for inhabitants because it is prohibited to camp from on the far side now. Camp nightlong.

 The second day morning can lead you to Kallu Mandapa beside a stream. The hike to Shesh Parvatha is that the toughest part of the trek. Once Shesh Parvatha, the path goes down to a clearing, once that there’s an associate degree uphill hike resulting in large boulders. A rocky stretch results in meadows and so to the summit. The read includes the immense expanse of Madikeri. 


After a chance, begin your descent through a similar path, takes three hours to succeed in Forest workplace and so another number of hours to succeed in the bottom. Upon descent, keep long at Kukke Subramanya or head to Coorg or Metropolis and create your comeback journey.

There is another route that results in the summit that is from Beedhalli in Somwarpet. This path is slightly tougher than the Kukke Subramanya path however has an attractiveness notwithstanding. It is an extended trek, so it’s best to trek with a trek guide or a gaggle trek. The dense Shola forest can give cowl throughout. Several climbers take this path to ascend and descend via Kukke Subramanya.

Why it’s an essential visit:

If you’re someone who likes to challenge their mind and body, the Kumara Parvatha trek is ideal for you! it’s thought of one amongst the harder treks within the South. however, there’s no gain while not some pain, thus make preparations to push yourself a bit and that we are going to be there to inspire you on the method until the highest. Reach the highest to witness the attractive clouds at the side of the inexperienced landscapes of the Western ghats. It’s a required visit and completely worthwhile.

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