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Alang Madan Kulang Trek: Things to Know

The trek to Alang Madan Kulang is found in Maharashtra’s Kalsubai range. This trek is very difficult in Maharashtra. The trek is difficult due to the rocky terrain, dense forests, boulders, and caves.You can see forts and stunning plateaus from the top, including Kalsubai (Vishramgad), Vikatgad; Ratangad (Ajobagad); Sandhan valley trek (Harishchandragad); Bhandardara (Bhandardara); Dangya Pinnacle. 

This trek is not recommended for solo trekkers. It is better to go with a group. This trek is thrilling in the forest. The trail is filled with boulders and rocks, which can make it difficult. You will find a wide variety of fauna and flora in the forest section.

This area is home to a variety of wildlife. You will find many base villages such as Ambewadi and Ghatghar. You can begin your trek from these villages. Many trekkers believe Ghatghar to Kurungwadi the best route.

The Best Time

This trek is best done between October and February. This trek can be done before and after the monsoon. The trek is best avoided if there are heavy monsoon rains. The trail becomes slippery and difficult after the monsoon. To avoid heavy rain, all trekkers should check the weather conditions.

Day 1 Alang Madan Kulang Trek

Part 1

You will need to trek from Ghatghar towards Alangad on the first day. The distance between the two is approximately 6.5 and 7 km. The entire process takes approximately 4.5 hours. This is where you will see a vast field.

You can then trek to Alang Fort. Walk straight until you see the U-shaped forts. Three forts will be in front of your eyes. These forts are breathtaking in their beauty. A stream will be visible a few minutes later. The trekking route starts gradually climbing into the forest after crossing the stream.

You should make sure you have the correct tracking shoes. You will reach the west side of Alang hill by walking for 2 km. It will be a spectacular view. You will be able to see the magnificent Alang summit from here.

We will eventually reach Alang Fort after walking a few kilometers. The amazing plateaus can be seen from the top. These plateaus can be viewed from the top and are approximately 2 to 2.5 kilometers long. Caves can be found north of the Alang Fort.

Day 2 Alang Madan Kulang Trek

Part 2 

This chapter will take you from Alangad to Mandangad. 2.5 km is the total distance. The entire trip takes approximately 4.5 hours. This is where the main descent starts. The main descent will take you to Madankhind.

You will need to pass through some difficult parts before you can get there. There are many vertical walls to climb. You will need rope to traverse the steep sections on the northern side. You will need to cross another 40-foot and 25-foot wall after you have crossed this section.

These two sections are very difficult to complete. These sections take approximately 15-16 minutes for each trekker. It will take more time if you are traveling with a group. Mandangad is on the right.

You will then climb towards Madan Fort and will first need to cross a section using a fixed rope. You can then continue to rocky trails and need to climb a 45-foot vertical rock using ropes after this rocky activity And eventually reach Madan fort by trekking toward another rocky trail. Here you can see Kulang fort. This cave can hold 50 people at once.

Part 3

You must start at Mandangad, and then you have to go to Kulanggad. Start your day by climbing a 45-foot vertical rock. Continue for about a kilometer, passing through green bushes and along rocky paths.

Continue for 800m after reaching col Madan and Kulang Fort. You will then need to climb 150m. After a while, you’ll be able to see the cave. It will be fine if you bring your tent. The cave can be used for rest. The 360-degree view from the top will amaze you.

This is where you can explore the fort and then descend towards Kurundwadi, the end of the trek.

Part 4

It takes approximately 4 hours to descend towards Kurundwadi. It is approximately 5 km. You will first need to cross the section of the ridge.

You will need to cross this section before you can move on to the forest section. It will take approximately 2.5 hours to reach a small village. You will reach Kurundwadi after a flat 3 km walk.

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