A Guide To calico fabrics And Why You Should Buy It

Calico fabrics is a sturdy cotton fabric that is often used for quilting and crafts. It is also a popular choice for clothing, as it is comfortable and can be easily dyed or printed with patterns. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about calico fabric, from its history to its many uses today.

What is calico fabric?

Calico fabric is a type of cotton fabric that is usually printed with a small, all-over print. It is often used for quilting and other craft projects. Calico fabric is usually less expensive than other types of cotton fabric, making it a good choice for budget-conscious crafters.

The history of calico fabric

Calico fabric is a type of textile that has been around for centuries. It is typically made from cotton and is characterized by its colorful, printed patterns. Calico was originally produced in India and was brought to Europe in the 16th century. The word “calico” is thought to come from the Hindi word “kali,” meaning “black,” referring to the dark-colored calico fabrics that were popular at that time.

Calico fabric became very popular in Europe during the 17th century. It was often used for clothing, as well as for upholstery and other home furnishings.During the 18th century, calico printing became a popular pastime in England. Women would print patterns on calico using wooden blocks, and the resulting fabrics were used to make quilts, dresses, and other items.

Today, calico fabric is still popular for a variety of applications. It is often used for crafting, quilting, and other DIY projects. It is also a popular choice for clothing, especially for children’s clothes and summery dresses. If you’re looking for a versatile and affordable fabric, calico is a great option!

The benefits of calico fabric

Calico fabric is a sturdy cotton fabric that is often used for quilting and other craft projects. It is also a popular choice for clothing, particularly in hot weather as it is a very breathable fabric. Calico is usually printed with small, busy patterns and is available in a wide range of colors.

There are many benefits to using calico fabric, including its durability, breathability, and versatility. It is an excellent choice for a wide range of projects, whether you are looking for a fabric for quilting, crafting, or clothing.

How to care for calico fabric

Calico is a sturdy cotton fabric that is perfect for quilting, crafting, and home décor projects. It is important to prewash calico fabric before using it in order to remove any sizing or finishes that could affect the final product. Here are some tips on how to care for calico fabric:

-Prewash the fabric in cool water with a mild detergent.
-Do not use bleach or fabric softeners when washing calico fabric.
-Hang the fabric to dry, or dry on a low setting if using a tumble dryer.
-Iron the fabric on a low setting if necessary.

Following these simple care instructions will help to ensure that your calico fabric projects turn out looking their best!

Where to buy calico fabric

Calico fabric is a lightweight, unbleached cotton fabric with a plain weave. It is inexpensive and easy to work with, making it a popular choice for quilting and other crafts.

There are many places to buy calico fabric, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Some quilt shops specialize in selling nothing but cotton fabrics, including calico. These shops usually have a wide selection of colors and prints to choose from.

Online fabric stores also carry calico fabric, and often have a wider selection than brick-and-mortar stores. They also typically sell at lower prices than physical stores. When buying online, be sure to check the shipping costs before you finalize your purchase.

You can also find calico fabric at some big box craft stores, such as Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabrics. However, the selection at these stores is usually more limited than what you’ll find at a dedicated quilt shop or online store.


Calico fabric is a great option for a variety of projects, from quilting to upholstery. It’s affordable, durable, and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, calico is a great fabric to work with. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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