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A Career in Canada: IELTS, Average Salary & CRS

If you wish to reside and build a thriving career in Canada you must know some essential facts. These include the IELTS score, Express Entry, Average Salary, and CRS calculator.

IELTS score for Canada PR

You will have to offer evidence of having skills in language – French or English for obtaining the Canada PR Visa. It is to ensure that you can communicate easily.

IELTS is accepted by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for all Canada Visas. You can offer test results in IELTS as evidence of proficiency in the English language. You must note here that you must appear for the IELTS General Training section. Academic Test is not accepted by IRCC for Express Entry Programs.

The General Training Test under IELTS assesses your non-academic English skills in day-to-day life. It is the only globally available and endorsed test for English proficiency.

The minimum required band IELTS score for Canada PR is the Canadian Language Benchmark – CLB 7. It implies at least a 6 band score in every component of the IELTS test – Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. You must secure this score if you wish to apply for Canada PR Visa through Express Entry.

Average Salary in Canada

An individual employed in Canada usually earns roughly CAD 120,000 annually. The range of the average salary starts from the lowest at CAD 30,200 to the highest at CAD 534,000. In fact, the real maximum salary in Canada is even higher!

The average annual salary ranges specified above are inclusive of travel, housing, and other benefits/allowances. Salaries differ greatly based on careers, specific job titles, and occupations.

Salary Range

  • Minimum average annual salary: CAD 30,200
  • Maximum average annual salary: CAD 534,000

Median Salary

The median salary in Canada is CAD 112,000 annually. It implies that 50% of the population is earning lower than CAD 112,000 and the remaining 50% are earning higher than CAD 112,000. The median denotes the mid-salary value. Normally, you would prefer to be on the graph’s right side in the group that earns a higher than the median salary.


The most crucial factor in the determination of salary is the experience level. Evidently the greater the years of experience, the higher the salary. Normally, professionals with 2 to 5 years of experience typically earn 32% higher than juniors and freshers across all sectors. Those with 5 plus years of experience earn typically 36% higher than those with 5 years or lesser experience.

Salary Variation based on the experience drastically differs from one location to another. It is also highly dependent on the career stream too.


Professionals with a Diploma or Certificate typically earn 17% higher than their peers who have education just at the high school level.

Employees having a Bachelor’s Degree earn 24% higher than those who had just a Diploma or Certificate.

Professionals with Doctorate Degree earn 23% higher than those having Master’s degrees when employed in the same position.

CRS calculator

The Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS calculator assigns scores to candidates depending on their diverse factors. These include language proficiency, work experience, age, and education level.

You must remember that you do not qualify for any of the Express Entry programs mere by estimation of 67 points score. it is required to confirm your eligibility for any of these programs before itself by verifying the eligibility criteria for every program.

You will need the ECA – Educational Credential Assessment and the results of the language test for determining the exact CRS score. This is if you do not have a degree in Canada. It is possible to determine the CRS score even if you do not fulfill the specified requirements for claiming factors on other factors.

The Express Entry System organizes draws 2 times a month and offers ITAs – Invitations to Apply for eligible candidates. Every draw announces the cut-off CRS score that qualifies candidates to receive the ITAs. You will receive the CRS score after you file the EOI in the IRCC account by submitting all suitable documents.

Nationwide Visas can be your reliable partner in your successful immigration journey to Canada on the PR Visa. Get in touch with us to obtain assistance from our ICCRC accredited Immigration Consultants.


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