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A Brief History of Responsive Web Design You Should Know

As a web developer, you are free to design your website. If you want to get the viewers’ attention and provide the best user experience for the viewers, you will have to design a website according to the end-users requirements. In earlier days, people used the internet and web on large computers with a complex interface. With time, the devices started to get smaller and more compact.

You can now use websites on the small and big screens with a better interface and increased usability with a responsive web design. The main task of the responsive web design of a website is to show scalable designs on big and small screens. Web developers have to work for many years to create a responsive web design. They are also trying to improve the responsive web design of a website.

Web Designing During The Early Days Of The Internet:

While designing a website, the web developers kept the specific aspect ratio of a website according to old computer screens. They didn’t think about the various aspect ratios of the screens. They knew that people would open their websites on computer screens only as no mobile phone was invented at that time. Creating a single-page website was mainly used during the early days of the internet. The big organisation could only design websites with limited features.

Introduction of Basic HTML:

Almost 20 years ago, many people started their careers as web developers. Web developers devised basic HTML coding. The basic HTML coding worked as a basic building block for websites. In the beginning, they had devised basic HTML coding in the form of rectangular boxes. After that, they introduced basic HTML tags. These basic HTML tags were from h1 to h6. They also introduced image tags, tables and paragraphs. Now, we also use these tags by incorporating CSS coding.

Now, we are developing websites using HTML5. You will be stunned to know that we are still using basic HTML tags to customise our websites. Now, we can also perform all tasks by using CSS coding. We had to use separate tags to create a single functionality on our websites in the past and had to follow a structured process to design a website. They had to show flexibility while customising the websites.

Nowadays, web developers have introduced CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to style the HTML elements. The introduction of CSS is the major success of web developers in developing a website. By using it, designers can easily change all the elements on a website. After changing these elements, they can also place these elements in their desired places.

Introduction Of The Responsive Web Design:

A study by a PhD dissertation help firm shows that after the introduction of the CSS, web designers had complete control over the design elements of a website. People use the internet on different devices like desktops, mobiles, tablets, etc. These devices have different screen sizes. We have to design websites that will provide the same experience on all devices. The websites that provide the same experience on all devices have responsive web designs.

The responsive web design of a website allows the websites to show the same experience on all the devices like desktops, tablets and mobiles. If you are not using a responsive web design of a website, this website will look better on desktop devices but will not look better on other devices like mobile and tablets etc.

No doubt, most people like to use the internet on desktop devices. Web developers should also understand that the number of internet users on mobile devices is increasing than the number of internet users on desktop devices. That’s why Google has also made some necessary changing in its algorithms. Google is focusing on the user experience of the viewers. If a website is not using responsive web design, it will not provide the best user experience on all the devices.

On the other hand, if a website uses responsive web design, it will provide the best user experience on all devices. If a website provides the best user experience on all the devices, Google will increase its ranking in the SERP.

Conclusion :

The old websites have thousands of web pages which don’t have a scalable design. They need to change their websites designed to a responsive and scalable format. They are using the old version of the website’s design, and this old version of the website’s design will not work well on the small screens. If they need to gain a higher ranking in the search engines, they can’t retain this ranking with older designs.

Google has included user experience as one of the most important ranking factors. Due to the old design of the website, your website will not provide the best user experience on all the devices. To make your website scalable for large and small screens, you will have to change its design. It will not last any impact on the content of your website. If some parts of the web posts affect you, you should adjust them accordingly.

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