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7 Marketing Trends to Jump on in 2022

The year of taking risks in marketing trends will be 2022. Your marketing staff will need to be prepared to adopt new approaches and ways of working. There are various paths your marketing efforts may go given the abundance of fresh and inventive digital commerce solutions.

The most crucial thing is creating a successful company plan. We’re taking a detailed look at the top seven trends for marketing from our 2022 The State of In-Housing Report below. First, the major patterns we’ll be discussing are as follows:

1. Video promotion

The future of Digital Marketing is largely acknowledged to be in the video. Because of how effective online video can be, our study revealed that 26% of respondents want to improve their in-house online video skill sets. Additionally, according to Google, YouTube reaches more adults between the ages of 18 and 49 than all cable networks combined. Additionally, postings with images and videos receive more interaction than ones with only text.

2. Content continues to rule.

In our State of In-Housing Report, over half of the respondents stated that the need for content has grown over the past 12 months. A strong strategy’s foundation is content marketing, which allows businesses to reach out to customers directly. Any company’s credibility is increased by quality content.

A steady stream of top-notch, thoroughly researched, and pertinent material demonstrates to potential clients your experience and authority. Regardless of the platforms or media, you employ, good storytelling can make your business a compelling topic of conversation.

3. Making use of data’s power

In our survey, 36% of respondents said they are developing their data-driven analytics approach to provide more individualized content. Making the most of data, one of the most precious and potent resources available to any business, is essential to developing an efficient marketing plan.

Having data, analytics, and technology experts sit in-house is a smart move, according to one respondent, Rob Foster, senior consultant at marketing and communications management consultant at The Observatory International. If you understand your consumer business better, it gives you a better platform to think about how your marketing and communications to consumers should look.

4. Content on Social Media

A forceful sale on social media is no longer acceptable. Instead, in order to draw users and boost engagement on the most widely used social media channels in 2022, marketers must approach social media content with a story-driven strategy. You should also consider your video and visual material while using social media.

High-quality photographs must be a component of your campaign, particularly on LinkedIn and Instagram, and you must optimize every aspect of your social media strategy to stand out from the crowd. You can’t just share stuff when the mood strikes or sometimes schedule posts. Building a strong timetable requires the same level of planning and thinking as other areas of your digital marketing strategy.

5. Online Events

According to a Bizzabo study, attendance at virtual events will rise by 34% in 2021, while live-streaming attendance will rise by more than 250%. People are grateful for and enjoy having the chance to attend events that may otherwise be inaccessible in person. Virtual events extend a company’s reach and raise brand recognition while being a cost-effective solution.

Not just tiny organizations can host virtual events. Larger businesses are increasingly seeing their significance as well. The caliber of your video material and making sure you have the funding to thrive in this medium are crucial for success in virtual events. According to our data, businesses are increasingly dedicated to developing their own in-house online video skill sets.

6. Influencer Marketing

Some businesses’ marketing methods heavily use influencer marketing. For others, it represents a brand-new endeavor, nevertheless. Influencer marketing is anticipated to become a popular marketing strategy by 2022. According to our report, 38% of respondents plan to connect with online influencers more frequently in the future. Your strategy for influencer marketing will mostly be determined by the goals of your company.

However, businesses are starting to recognize the importance of influencers who don’t necessarily have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. Micro-influencers are becoming more popular because they let companies target their niche more precisely. Micro-influencers have fewer followers, but they have a strong track record for engaging with the ones they do have.

7. Individualization

A dedication to and movement toward personalization is what underpins all developments in Digital Commerce Service. Simply said, in 2022, spreading your message as much as you can works. Personalizing your marketing efforts increases engagement, generates debate, and draws in new clients.

The popular #SpotifyWrapped feature, which creates a buzz each year, is a terrific example of personalization. Making the most of your data and research while acknowledging the importance of design can help you personalize your marketing strategies. Personalized efforts, as well as your advertising, must match your consistent branding and style. Create real-time adjustments to your constantly branded advertising and campaigns with ease with our creative management tool.

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