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5 Tips to Help Your Toddler’s Speech Development by a Speech Therapist

The first years are most crucial in their development process. Katie is a speech therapy therapist, mother and blog writer in her own right provides us with some suggestions to help aid speech and language development for toddlers. If you’re looking for the field of speech and language therapy, you’re in luck.

Slow Down

Be sure to slow down the pace whenever you are able to talk in your baby’s room. Children learn to communicate in daily situations. Regular activities are among the best times to speak with your toddler as they are the times when that they are learning the most! Be sure to slow down the speed at which you speak, especially in the case of a child who is struggling in the area of speech and language development.

Look at Your Toddler and Get Down at His / Her Level

You might be amazed by the amount of times you talk about certain things about your kid and you’re unable to see one another. To aid your toddler to learn language and be more proficient in communication It is important to not just reduce your speed, take a look at your child as you speak, and lower your knees to be nearer to him or her. This helps your child to focus on the topic and what you’re trying to say, and reduces other distractions.


In our hectic world in which time is crucial. We expect quick results everywhere we turn. Speedy food and fast forwarding advertisements express oil changes If you can think of the thing, you’ll find a speedier method to do it! But that’s not how children learn to speak. They require our help, and they require us to be patient. You must allow time for your child to react to your suggestions. You might not realize it, that we sometimes do more for them than letting them test if they can accomplish it themselves.

Stop Counting and Start Communicating

Although teaching children about numbers as well as shapes and colors is crucial, you don’t want to concentrate too much on it during the early years. Of course , don’t completely remove them from your life however you must allow to them in more natural environments. These are the their most brain-saturated times! Therefore, let numbers and letters gradually weave themselves into their vocabulary. We don’t want your child’s vocabulary only to consist of these, so make sure you be able to talk about all the things you and your child notice in the world around them. When your child makes a point at something, you can talk about the object. Ask questions and then wait for them to reply. Retell what you are doing. Engage them in conversation, but don’t only sing the ABC’s.

Rethink Your Toys

There are many people that must work every single day. Our kids work, but they also play. Playtime is, of course, entertaining is also an crucial moment for children to develop. Children are taught and learn to use the language in their games, which is why it is essential to have quality toys!

Beware of bright colored toys that flash or talk to you, as well as play music. They are doing all the work, instead of our children taking on the task. She recommends toys that offer an endless play experience, such as balls and blocks. Her top picks are play phones, which are an item that certainly encourages communication!

Finally, she outlines the advantages of having your child’s toys rotated. It helps you save money as well as keeps your child from becoming bored since it’s like an entirely new toy each time! It also aids your child to improve their learning because it provides him or her with an opportunity to practice skills that were “put aside” for some time.

Final Verdict

If your child or toddler has a speech or language disorders, you should consult with an experienced Speech Language Therapist such as Speech Therapy Karachi

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