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5 Best Money Saving Tips That Can Help You on Your Next Trip



While traveling is a great way to enjoy the unexplored and learn new things, it can be somewhat expensive. Especially today, when the gas prices are sky-rocketing and most of the industries, including airlines, hotels, restaurants and etc. are increasing their prices to maintain their profit. However, there are some tips that can help you in saving money during the trip, so you can still afford it. In this article we will share 5 best money saving tips to make most out of your holiday, instead of staying at home.


Shop At Local Groceries and Markets

While dining in fancy restaurants and fast-food chains seems to be easier and faster way to eat, shopping at local groceries and cooking the meal on your own is more convenient. This way, you not only save a great amount of money, but also interact with locals, enjoy the local culture of grocery shopping and also help the local businesses to grow. This means that instead of giving money to some huge, international companies and department stores, you are helping a local family to attain more. That way you become more responsible traveler, while saving a great amount of money.


Pack Snacks

Always put some snacks in your backpack. After walking all day long around some landmarks and sightseeing, chances are that you will be down for some snacks. While there are a lot of counters and kiosks where you can buy snacks, most of the times they sell overpriced stuff. To avoid unnecessary spending, you can always have some part of the snacks with you that can save you money and time.


Book Hostels

While many people are hating on hostels, rather inconveniently, they are a great way to save money. When you are traveling most of the money goes on accommodation and after the trip you realize that you spent the least time in your hotel room. Then what’s the point of spending 100$ a night, when you can stay at hostel 3-times cheaper? Most of the hotels offer comfortable bunk beds, lockers and bathroom. Everything that is needed for a traveler. Plus, you will have more chance to meet some fellow travelers, exchange some words and even share beer or two.


Travel During the Offseason

That’s another great way to save money. Some locations, especially seaside countries and islands, offer great discounts for travelers who visit the place in late Autumn or early Spring. This is because during offseason not so many tourists visit the place. So, they prefer to sell stuff cheaply, rather than store them in lockers or storages. You can consider visiting places like Malta or Greece, who has much more to offer than only sandy beaches and crystal-clear Mediterranean Water. If you plan to visit any of these destinations in the EU, make sure to check out ETIAS Website for more updated travel information.


Book Tickets Online

Not many people know that booking museum and other sightseeing tickets online can save you a great deal of money. Usually, online tickets cost 2-3 euros less than what you would have paid at the ticket office at the entrance. If you are visiting several museums, you can actually save a lot of money, that you can spend on other things, like beers or food. So, why not? Plus, you avoid standing in the huge line of the ticket office.



In this article we have briefly discussed some of the best money saving tips that you can apply on your next trip. Considering these recommendations will not only help you to reduce your spending, but in most of the cases will help you to become more responsible traveler, taking care of the local community and the environment.

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