4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing an Outdoor Shower

Your outdoor shower can be used to rinse off after raking leaves in the fall or shovel snow in the winter, but it’s also an effective way to get rid of dirt and grime before storing your bikes and other sports equipment. If you’re tired of fighting clogged bathtub drains, an outdoor shower may be the perfect addition to your home. Here are five reasons why you should consider installing an outdoor shower!

1) Do you love fresh air?

Outside showers offer a completely different experience than the typical indoor shower. The smell of wet grass, the sound of birds chirping, and the feeling of warm sun on your skin are just some reasons why you should consider installing one in your backyard. Here are five other benefits of outside showers:
– Outside showers have fewer mold and mildew problems because there’s no need for grouting between tiles.
– An utedusch is great for rinsing off muddy kids after soccer practice or any other time they’re outside getting dirty. It’s also easy to rinse dirt and mud off bikes, skis, or any other sports equipment before storing them away. Keeping sand, dirt, and mud out of your bathtub drains helps prevent plumbing clogs as well.

2) How much time do you spend outside in the summer?

When I was growing up, outdoor showers were a luxury. Now they’re a necessity. Summers in the desert is scorching and humid, and when it’s not 110 degrees outside, it’s usually over 100 degrees. The thought of stepping into my hot shower makes me feel as if I’m suffocating. My kids don’t understand why we can’t go outside to get clean after playing in the pool or getting dirty at soccer practice. They love running under the outdoor shower cups to rinse off before going inside for dinner on hot summer days, and so do I. It’s easy to keep sand and dirt out of your bathtub drains when you use outdoor showers!

Don’t you hate cleaning tubs?

3) Don’t you hate cleaning tubs?

Most showers have a hose or sprayer that you can attach to the tub faucet. These do a great job of cleaning hair but don’t wash away sand, dirt, and mud. The idea behind bygg utedusch is that after a quick rinse-off in your home you can hop outside, rinse off some more, dry off and go inside to get dressed. Keeping sand, dirt, and mud out of your bathtub drains also helps prevent plumbing clogs!

4) Does your schedule change with the seasons?

In the summer, it’s so nice to have some outdoor shower privacy protection. This is a great way to avoid the embarrassing situation of being seen by neighbors while having a shower outdoors. In the winter, you might want to consider installing a heated outdoor shower. These are available in many different styles and can be installed on your deck or porch so you don’t have to go inside and freeze your assets just for a quick rinse!

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