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3 Benefits of Floor Drain Strainers in Laundry Rooms

floor drain strainers

The 2017 International Residential Code (IRC) does not specifically require floor drain strainers in laundry rooms, but they are sometimes installed to provide emergency drainage or to help with other drainage needs (e.g., relief valves, water heater drainage, condensate drainage). When floor drain strainers are used in residential buildings, they must be located on the same floor level as the laundry appliances that are draining into them. Because of this, floor drain strainers can sometimes cause safety hazards if their design isn’t carefully considered beforehand.

1) Emergency Draining

Floor drains are designed to drain water from a specific area, like a sink or tub. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the need and location. golvbrunnssil svart is often used for laundry rooms because it is better at holding things back, but stainless steel floor drain strainers provide for emergency drainage when needed.

2) Standardizing Sloped Floors

Standardizing sloped floors is important because it helps to avoid problems with water accumulation and reduces the risk for slips and falls. In addition, a slope will allow for more efficient drainage of water from one part of a building to another. One way to standardize floor slopes is by installing floor avloppssil that can capture hair, lint, and other fibers from laundry machines without restricting drainage. For increased safety, these strainers should be installed near the top of sloped floors. So that they can be properly located when needed. They should also be made out of durable materials like stainless steel or black rubber so that they can withstand heavy foot traffic and frequent use.

3) Preventing Other Problems

One common problem people have with a laundry room floor drain is that it fills up. This can cause the water to overflow and leak into the room. But you can prevent this by installing a floor drain strainer black on your drain. It will catch any large particles before they get caught in the pipes and clog up the drains. Floor drains come in stainless steel or black and are easy to install.

  1. Another benefit of installing a floor drain is that it can help with emergency drainage. If there is water damage from an event such as a burst pipe or roof leak. The floodwaters would pour down and out through the floor drains. Instead of overflowing into your laundry room and flooding everything.

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