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10 Things That Make a Great Christmas Party Venue 2022

The Christmas season is usually an exciting one. People are always eager to host events and snag the best locations as soon as possible because they are aware that there will be fierce competition for venues as the holiday season draws near. For this reason, it is crucial to choose your Christmas party venue early.

A spectacular Christmas party may set the tone for the next year and get staff members enthused about their jobs and relationships following the holiday break.

Choosing the right Christmas party venue is crucial to ensure the event has the feel-good factor you aspire to have.

Here are some things to watch out for as you search for the ideal location for your group’s Christmas party. Continue reading this article, if you’re interested to know!

1. Location

Christmas gatherings typically take place in the late afternoon. Everyone needs to get ready and put on their glad rags when you complete work, which is sometime between lunch and the usual conclusion of the day. Many people will just change at work while some would want to go home. It must be either extremely close by or extremely simple to get to because you don’t want to spend much time travelling from the office to the party location.

The next location to think about is returning home. Driving is not an option because most people have probably had one or more drinks. Therefore, having nearby public transportation is crucial, whether it be trains, tubes, buses, or even riverboats!

2. Size and space

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Finding a location with the appropriate amount of room for your group’s size is vitally essential. A small group will find it difficult to start the celebration if they are placed in a big, soulless function room. A huge gathering will experience claustrophobia in a small area. Look see a venue before making a reservation so you can picture your group there with the tables and chairs already set up.

3. Atmosphere

You are halfway there if your Christmas party location is the appropriate size, but the correct mood is crucial. This will be influenced by the entertainment and the decor, but you, the organiser, will be responsible for a large portion of it. You must be there, having fun and ensuring that everyone unwinds and has a good time. While outlawing “work chat” may seem like a good idea, some people might find themselves with nothing to talk about. 

Don’t force folks to attend; instead, remind them that it’s an end-of-year celebration. Some folks simply don’t enjoy parties and would rather be somewhere else.

4. Food

Are you planning on having a sit-down lunch or a buffet-style spread? Do you want personnel to pass out canapes throughout the evening or do you want customers to assist themselves? There are many choices, and a fantastic Christmas party location will assist you in selecting the one that is perfect for you and your team.

5. Drinks

It can be difficult to get the combination and quantity quite perfect, but your venue will provide you with advice. We unquestionably advise mixing non-alcoholic beverages with alcoholic ones. Make sure tea and coffee are provided as well. Much of what you do in this situation will depend on your finances because alcohol will likely account for a sizable portion of your outlay. 

You will be well-liked by the staff if you start offering cocktails, but your finance director might not think so. To ensure that the drinks are appropriate, be sure to first negotiate your budget with the venue.

6. Decoration

Some venues will use a recurring theme to deck out the entire space for the holidays. Others will collaborate with you to decorate your areas exactly how you wish. There is no doubt that this will increase the expense, but a fantastic Christmas party location will be familiar with the best vendors and able to assist you.

Discuss the event’s type, your company culture, and the atmosphere you want to create with the location. They will aid you in making wise decisions.

7. Entertainment

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Pretty much everything needs music. How far do you go, though? Low-volume music played through the sound system will be appropriate for a more formal, seated gathering, at least until dinner is finished and dancing begins. Make sure the venue has the sound equipment necessary to make the band sound fantastic if you are really pushing the envelope and getting them in.

8. Opportunities for team building

Given the potential for team spirit at a Christmas party, take into account looking for a location that can provide a little extra so you can transform it into a team-building activity followed by a Christmas lunch or supper. To get the team spirit going before the Christmas feast, check to see if there are any facilities for a team-building challenge, a game-show-style event, or an exciting group activity.

9. Practicalities

A smart Christmas party location will provide you with options for making your event unique and memorable while flawlessly handling all the practical aspects. Check that there are several food options and enough dietary alternative options when it comes to practical matters. Find out if there is enough space for your group to park, and inquire about the possibilities for accommodating individuals who will require cabs or public transportation. Find out what possibilities there are for overnight lodging if you really want to go all out.

The Runnymede on the Thames offers a variety of Christmas party choices, including private or group Christmas parties in our function rooms as well as special holiday meals in our restaurants.

10. Price

Many venues will simplify matters and offer a charge per visitor. The venue, beverages, food, and occasionally entertainment are all included in the purchase. The more you communicate with them, the more they can assist you.

Even though it may seem absurd to talk about Christmas in September, the best venues and DJs/bands can book up very quickly. Because you didn’t have a location for your Christmas party the previous year, the sooner you begin the search, the better your chances are of finding one.

If you’re looking for Christmas party venues in Parramatta, Holiday Inn offers a variety of Christmas party alternatives, including private or group Christmas parties in our function rooms, as well as Christmas menus in our restaurants, if you’re searching for Christmas party locations in Parramatta.

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