10 Pro-level Hacks for A Swift and Smooth House Shifting

Shifting your house is an unforthcoming occurrence and you cannot predict when it will come into your life. But even if you are not aware of its sudden arrival, you can be prepared for its rightful execution. If you are thinking about how this is going to happen, I have got you the 10 pro-level hacks for a swift and smooth house shifting. So, check out the following pointers:

1. Organise the process

When you are planning for a house shifting, you have to decide on the fundamental factors of the move. Talking about that, we should first decide the day of the move. If you have enough time in hand and you are not in a hurry to shift for some reason, you should choose a moving day that is at least 45 days after the present day. Next, decide the budget that you are ready to spend on the move. Your regular monthly expenditures should not get affected due to the expenses of the house shifting.

2. Set a strategy

After deciding the fundamental factors of the move, it is time to decide on the strategy of the move. The primary aspect of the moving strategy depends on the mode of the move you choose. If you choose to conduct the move all by yourself, you have to implement a different strategy. Again, if you want to move through the packers and movers, you have to devise a different plan.

The other aspect that you should think of is the order of the packing process. It is best that you start the packing process with the rooms you need the least and slowly approach the kitchen and bathroom. So, the order of packing should start with the guest bedroom, kid’s bedroom, balcony, and living room, and then continue with the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

3. Confirm their genuineness

When you choose to move with the packers and movers, don’t forget to confirm their genuineness. There are a lot of fraudulent moving companies and they swindle the customers running away with their belongings and looting them financially. You have to stay alert about their background and ways of trade. So, consider visiting their office and checking their official documents of authenticity. Look for their trade licence, company PAN card, IBA authorisation letter, and GST certificate. These documents are proof of their genuineness.

4. Create a moving calendar

After you are sorted through the planning phase, it is time for preparation. To maintain the preparations in an organised manner, you should create a moving calendar. It is the schedule on which your preparations are going to be based. You should divide the preliminary tasks to be completed within certain days before the moving day. Make sure that you hold on to the moving calendar and do not procrastinate. You should not keep anything for the last day or else there will be a rush and you will not be able to execute the move without a fuss.

5. List your belongings

Make a list of your belongings when you are preparing for your house shifting. Make separate lists for the different rooms. This way you can find out the size of your move and you can also make things easier for the later process. You will not forget to carry anything important if you make a list of your belongings.

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6. De-clutter your house

After you make the list of belongings, it will be easy for you to tell apart the essentials from the inessentials. De-clutter the house according to the list and keep the essentials aside. You can choose to dispose of the inessentials in a proper way by donating, selling, or by discarding them. Donate the old but reusable clothes, shoes, bags, toys, and books to an NGO. Sell the worn-out furniture and appliances and get some instant cash before the move. Discard the rest of the inessentials that are broken and useless. Move with only the essentials as it will decrease your moving cost. It will also make your new house clutter-free.

7. Obtain the supplies

If you are shifting with the packers and movers, you don’t need to get moving supplies as they bring all the packing materials with them. Yet if you can get hold of some sturdy packing boxes, it is going to be useful and will reduce your packing cost a bit. About 30% of the cost of a house shifting is due to the cost of the moving supplies. So, if you can get free packing boxes from local stores, you will be able to make your move cost-efficient.

8. Prepare an overnight kit

Prepare an overnight kit for your house shifting. Pack the essentials that you are going to need within the first few days of your shifting before you settle down in your new house by unpacking and re-arranging your belongings. Pack your toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wash, hand wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, oil, lotion, moisturiser, towels, bed sheets, fresh clothes, undergarments, disposable cutlery, cleaning supplies, etc.

9. Pack the valuables

Pack the valuables in your possession beforehand so that you don’t want to get misplaced due to the house shifting chores. Things like your precious jewellery, your pricey watches, your high-end gadgets, and your earned credentials are your most valued possessions and you should not let the packers and movers Hyderabad to Bangalore move them. You should take care of their safety and so you should pack them in a particular bag and move them with you.

10. Label the boxes

Label each packing box as they get packed. Use a wide-tipped marker pen to make the writing distinguishable. Write the names of the rooms the boxes belong to. You can also colour code them by sticking colourful masking tapes and assigning each room a separate colour. This will make the unloading process easier and it will be easy for you to locate the things when you need them in the new house.

Winding Up

House shifting sounds like a complicated set of two words. But it is far more complicated than it sounds. Your entire venture can go for a toss if you do not plan, prepare, and execute the process in a certain way. Follow the aforesaid 10 pro-level hacks for a swift and smooth house shifting. Have a great move!


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